Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today was a loaded day.

8:24am - radiation in Abbotsford. 11am - Blood work in Vancouver, 1pm - Dr. Gelmon.

Today I mentally freaked about my recent sternum pain, possible liver tests and more.
I cried as I waited for the Dr. I never do that but today I felt different.

Long story short, all is ok for now. Bad/good news about my LDH: it was elevated to 580 today from it being 550 3 weeks ago.
Problem: too high. Good thing: Off of chemo for 2 weeks and it has not really risen all that much. AND, it could be higher simply due to the radiation. "Sigh"

My blood work looks good enough to go ahead with oral chemo again starting Wednesday. Radiation is over Tuesday.

Sternum pain sucks but can be from the meds. Ok sounds good to me. Knowing that I will sleep a little better tonight.

Another CT scan in 3 weeks along with blood work and my routine check up. Go from there.

I have info to mull over about MAYBE taking a trial drug.

Iniparib was also spoken about again today short and brief so who knows.

I am in good hands and today turned out better than I thought. If i touched alcohol, I would be drinking wine right now!

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